Your greatest wound is your greatest gift

Accessing those painful wounds does not mean reliving them but freeing up those blocks held energy field by an old belief system. They are simpily there to be a portal into your own transformation. We are here on Earth University with lessons to learn, share, & connect with others. Does it feel like an effort to connect with other people and easier& safer to be by yourself? Do you feel anxious spending time with others or fear for your safety? More than likely there is a trauma held in your body and energy field, holding you back from living your best life.

     Are you presently experiencing physical pain in your body? Feel into those places as those places are your body speaking loudly to you to pay attention! Tune in to that pain and see what is behind that. Places that are held in the body are the doorway into our greater consciousness gaining us more creativity, energy and grace for the rest of our lives.

     Do you feel stressed or low energy? Again, feel into those places in your body and see what is draining your energy. It could be a person, a situation from the present or the past, or even a place that is draining you. There is an opportunity to shine a light & illuminate those places where energy is caught. Each one of have these places in our body and our energy field and they’re part of the human condition, what makes us human and require us to take a look at ourselves. By putting our intention and attention to these places, we free up more energy to effortlessly accomplish our soul tasks and our hopes and dreams.